What's Next Then?

Heavens!! It's nearly Christmas and I haven't written anything for ages!

I'm currently undergoing chemotherapy (eek!) so that's my excuse, but there are still things happening..

So - news of two albums, one 'live' and one collaboration with David Longdon of Big Big Train...

The first one is a new 'Live' album from recordings made at St Barnabus Church in Cambridge in 2016 with the Band of Perfect Strangers and the Ad Hoc Strings.. Gathered together and mixed by Alistair Murphy the WonderCurator and with gorgeous artwork from the lovely Loraine Burgon it will be released in early 2020

And then I am currently working on a brand new album, a collaboration with the multi talented David Longdon, award winning singer with the award winning Prog band Big Big Train. We have co-written all the songs and David is producing the whole thing and it is currently sounding ... well ... breathtakingly marvellous and it isn't even finished yet! The brilliant Sarah Ewing is creating lovely artwork and we have wonderful guests playing on it.. This should be released later in 2020 (luckily I have done my bit of the vocals already!!) smiley


So onwards... let's see if I can post this without losing and having to re-write it for the third time...blush