Early Days

A young Judy

I went to St Michael’s Primary School, Wood Green, and then Minchenden Grammar School, Southgate.
I had piano lessons from quite a young age but, although I ended up being able to read music, I wasn’t really able to improvise. A question of too many/not enough lessons. I also learned to play the recorder at school (didn’t we all?).
Somewhere around 1963 I met people who were into playing music. Half of them seemed to be rock climbers who would spend the nights singing traditional folk songs accompanied by banjos and mandolins in wooden huts. The other half played guitar and listened to Pete Seeger, Big Bill Broonzy, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Woody Guthrie. Quite often, the two lots would mix and end up at folk clubs like the Atlas Folk and Blues Club in Fulham or Bunjies.