Morning Way Plus

Trader Horne
See For Miles
SEE 308
December, 1990
# Title Writer(s) Guest musician(s) Duration
1. Jenny May Jackie McAuley   2:26
2. Children of Oare Jackie McAuley   4:03
3. Three Rings for Elven Kings Jackie McAuley   2:13
4. Growning Man Jackie McAuley   4:04
5. Down and Out Blues trad. arr. Ray Elliot   4:33
6. The Mixed Up Kind Jackie McAuley   6:26
7. Better Than Today Jackie McAuley   3:11
8. In My Loneliness Jackie McAuley   2:22
9. Sheena Jackie McAuley   2:42
10. The Mutant Jackie McAuley   2:54
11. Morning Way Judy Dyble   4:35
12. Velvet to Atone Judy Dyble / Quittenton   2:26
13. Luke That Never Was Jackie McAuley   4:56
14. Here Comes the Rain Jackie McAuley   3:18
15 Goodbye Mercy Kelly Jackie McAuley   2:36

Produced by Barry Murray
Engineered by Howard Barrow
Arranged by John Godfrey

Judy Dyble, vocals, electric auto-harp, piano;
Jackie McAuley, vocals, guitar, harpsichord, organ, piano, flute, congas, celeste;
with Ray Elliot, alto flute, bass clarinet; Andy White; drums; John Godfrey, bass guitar

Here Comes The Rain was Trader Horne's only single and has been added as bonus track to the Morning Way ...Plus CD reissue.