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Grey October Day digital single - (Archive)

Well now. It was a Grey October Day here this morning so it seems a good day to tell you that the song will be available as a digital single on iTunes on 31st October 2011. It can be pre-ordered from here.. there are four versions – the album track, the radio edit, and two remixed versions. Just for fun

Hancock Award - (Archive)

"Harpsong" won a Hancock Award for Best Original Song in 2010, and I was given the award at the bar at this year’s Fairport’s Cropredy Convention. It took that long because I haven’t done any live gigs where it could be presented. I was obviously really delighted to finally get my hands on it and accepted it on behalf of myself, Alistair Murphy and Tim Bowness who between us created the song

Classic Rock Presents Prog Interview and News… - (Archive)

Well the news is that hopefully Newborn Creatures will be released in June 2011… here’s a picture of the cover, the artwork has been created by Catherine Hyde and is fabulous

Partially co-written by Lee Fletcher who also produced and mixed the album and partially co-written by Markus Reuter  both of whom played on all the tracks, and with contributions by, amongst others, Steve Bingham, Alan Burton, Luca Calabrese, BJ Cole, and many brilliant others, (there’s a list on Lee’s website) it sounds gorgeous, - one cover of a Scott Walker Song and the rest self penned and co-written. I am really looking forward to sending it out into the world..

Update :18th FEBRUARY 2010 - (Archive)

2010!!! Good grief.. where did last year go?
Well I’ll tell you. 3 very special things happened.

The first was that my beautiful grand-daughter Freya was born in May..

The second thing was that I performed with Fairport at the Barbican in July. A sell-out concert based around the first five Fairport albums and part of the Witchseason Weekend Concerts. I had the wonderful task of introducing the first lineup with whom I sang and played autoharp on several songs, then bowed out gracefully as the lineups changed and sang from the other albums, culminating in a magnificent Meet On The Ledge..

Fragile ep songs now available on itunes - (Archive)

The ‘Fragile’ ep songs, recently released on vinyl, are now available on iTunes..

The songs are ‘Fragile’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘Sparkling’ all co-written with me and produced by Alistair Murphy and Tim Bowness, and with beautiful contributions  from Sand Snowman on ‘Fragile’ and ‘Sparkling’

I do hope you enjoy them

November 2010 - (Archive)

I had to have yet another spine op on a stupid squinched disc, so I have been a bit out of action lately, but all is recovering slowly and things should now start to happen again. In fact the world of Jude seems to have been full of not-very-wellnesses and falling-apartnesses for the last few months- not only me but other vital ‘cogs’ in the machine have also been suffering. So stuff that should have happened hasn’t. In fact it has been a really silly year all round.

ok updates…


This should now be on it’s way to all those that have ordered it.. I haven’t got my copy yet so I hope it looks ok!

- GREY OCTOBER DAY single  and remixes

News, releases, and re-issues - (Archive)

Hello, a quick word from management about upcoming issues and re-issues – Firstly there will be a very limited run of 500 7″ vinyl EP’s featuring  the bonus tracks from Talking With Strangers, called Fragile. It will also feature Sparkling, and Waiting, and is released on picture disc format on August 23rd. You will be able to order a copy from the new shop area which will be up and running in the next few days.