Wintersong - Judy Dyble

A lovely film created by Franceso Paladino to go with Wintersong

****UPDATE*** THis short film has been accepted for inclusion in the International Folk Music Film Festival of Nepal (hooray!!) *** UPDATE***

Judy Dyble -The Sisterhood of Ruralists (edit)

Edit of an as yet unreleased track The Sisterhood of Ruralists composed by Judy Dyble and Alistair Murphy about the magic of four artists and their work - Catherine Hyde, Jackie Morris, Hannah Willow and Tamsin Abbott. Taken from the forthcoming Judy Dyble album 'Flow and Change'. Scheduled for release in 2013.

Vocals - Judy Dyble
Musicians - Alistair Murphy, Mark Fletcher, Pat Mastelotto,
Jeremy Salmon, Steve Bingham, Brenda Stewart, Lucy Mitchell.
Strings arranged by Phil Toms
Video created by Paul & Jane Merrick

I've written a bit about how this song came to be on my blog  :-)

'Bouton Rouge' TV show Fairport Convention 1968

Morning Glory
Time Will Show The Wiser
Reno Nevada

All in glorious colour. We were so young....