Enchanted Garden - ROCK’n’REEL magazine

JUDY DYBLE was originally the voice of Fairport Convention in the late-60’s, pre Sandy Denny, before going on to team up with Jackie McAuley in Trader Horne.

Enchanted Garden, originally released in 2004 sees her utilising acid-folk abd contemporary programmed beats (courtesy of Marc Swordfish of The Magic Mushroom Band, and dance act Astralasia, who shares co-writing credits throughout) to exceptional effect. Perhaps a description such as ‘space-folk’ might best sum it up, with Dyble’s hypnotic pastoral tones providing a mantra-like feel throughout, whilst occasionally the spiralling fiddle of Simon House and sax of Steve B. add much melodic colour to the sweeping waves of keyboard. Fresh and memorable.

ROCK’n’REEL magazine
Vol.2 No.3 MAY/JUNE 2007 (page 108)