Talking With Strangers - Review by Pedro Carvalho

If you are those who do not have enough patience to hear anything other than rock / metal , this is not for you and can stop reading right here. If, on the other hand, are sonic explorers and look for quality in whatever quadrant is musical, discover (if not done yet, given the longevity of the career of this artist) Judy Dyble former member of Fairport Convention . Talking With Strangers is a hard previously published in 2011 but nowGonzo Multimedia recovers to a world edition. And in good time to do it because this is an extremely enjoyable album to listen to, very organic and personal. Since the short introductory theme that the listener is invited to relaxation fruit of creating peaceful environments drawn to acoustic guitars with the accompaniment of soft, warm voice Dyble that appears here accompanied by sacred monsters Ian McDonald (Foreigner) andRobert Fripp (King Crimson ). If they want a point of comparison, the work ofBlackmore's Night will be a good reference. Then Jazzbirds enjoy the same scenery but enriches them with notes and a superb experimental work of flute. In C'est La Vie , (theme originally written by Greg Lake / Pete Sinfield) arises the first moment of true excellence with a sensational melody created by the same quiet acoustic strums crossed with moments of feeling leaving the violin Rachel Hall. Talking With Strangers is a subject stripped of ornamentation, with just voice and piano accompaniment and Dreamtime return references Blackmore's Night by the influence Celtic / medieval. Grey October Day is the epitome of Talking With Strangers . This theme is all brilliant. Since the work vocal duet,  until the influences jazz with a simply brilliant job of sax. The long Harpsong is an autobiographical track (in the background, as the entire disc) and, therefore, has several different textures and environments created prays for piano, acoustic guitar, woodwind or guitar. The album also features two bonus tracks that, in our opinion, despite its engaging and almost mesmerizing feeling, some end up adding to the disc. Undoubtedly a disc of great music, but a different disk than it normally is analyzed here. A disc that treads the field of progressive but in a different way from the traditional. With a sharp sense organic, human and personal approach to entering fields with ethnic / folk . Without a doubt, the perfect soundtrack for inviting relaxation.

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